The "Medival Masters" Compilation Patch 
An installation bug in the recently released "Medieval Masters" compilation causes Age of Wonders to occasionally crash during tactical combat.  Publisher Take Two has put up a patch that fixes this problem.You can download the patch here. Do not use this patch on any other version of Age of Wonders. Extract the ZIP-file in the Medieval Masters directory.

The 1.36 Full Game Patch
We are pleased to bring you the Age of Wonders v1.36 patch. This version fixes some rare crashes, improves the automatic combat calculations involving archers and fixes some minor balance issues. This upgrade also includes a fix for the end of game bug when playing in Italian.  For a full list of V1.35 enhancements click here.  Again this upgrade works on all versions of Age of Wonders, regardless of language or current version number. Size=4.6 MB

We would appreciate if you’d send us feedback in form of bugs reports or comments. Enjoy!

The 1.31 Demo
Next to incorporating the features from the 1.31 patch, this new demo includes an extra scenario to play and can also run in 5 languages. Size = 46.7 MB 

The 1.31 Demo Patch
If you have downloaded any AoW demo before, including the early Beta Demo you can download this demo patch to make your demo up to date. This patch also includes the extra scenario and mult-language. Size = 12 MB User-Created Maps
Played through all scenarios that came with the game?  Here are some links where you can find hundreds of user-created scenarios, or submit your own creations! (These scenarios do not work with the Age of Wonders Demo) Other Files  
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